Professors Paragraphs about GPM course at Universidad San Buenaventura Cali, Colombia

«I believe that the PRISM methodology developed by GPM is a very valuable tool to incorporate into the research activities that I carry out as teacher and consultant in the public sector. The Colombian government has backed to the structuring of projects from different stakeholders of society, as the main mechanism for accessing investment resources; so including sustainability criteria across the board in the entire project, it is a guarantor that the invested resources, contribute to the betterment of society, without compromising its environmental heritage. «

– Maria del Pilar Lopez
Economist and Public Policies Magister – Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali.

“Very grateful for the information provided from the corporate experience, I feel that every day we must be aware of environmental and social responsibility in our projects for the industry, and we take care of the future of the earth, our only resource for living. I will take information that I must share to companies that I consult and students whom I teach. Monica thanks for giving us very useful information for the future of professionals in project management and project management offices. Thank you.”

 – Erney Andrade,
CEO IntelligentOrange, PMP , ITIL Expert

“We have received a wonderful course about sustainability in project management. This knowledge is fundamental to all professionals who manage projects. Its application will be necessary for the true integrated development of our countries, which in turn will be the only outlet for the existence of our planet”

– Luis Fernando Cruz Caicedo,
PMP, MBA, Systems and computation Engineer – – Professor in San Buenaventura Cali University postgraduates

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