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Cálida bienvenida al nuevo Partner de GPM en España

March 1st, 2021 – Detroit, USA, Valladolid, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina |

Scwuimac! Project Management became the new GPM Partner with focus in Spain. Scwuimac is Sustainable change/ Change the way you Work/ wake Up/ Improve your Management/ manage your Achievements/ activate your Challenges, and is integrated by enthusiastic and talent project managers with values and goals based in the sustainable growth. Part of this staff is proud to hold the GPM-b Certification! The Business Areas are: Sustainable Development and Circularity | Processes, Digitization and Industry 4.0 | Desarrollo Empresarial del I+D+innovation | Financing and Baseline Control.

Portfolio de Servicios Scw!

Take a look the Press Release:



Ya está disponible! Version 2.0 de El Estándard P5 de GPM para la Sostenibilidad en la Gestión de Proyectos

Como co-autora, es un placer para mí anunciarles que ya está disponible la versión 2.0 de El Estándar P5 para la Sostenibilidad en la Gestión de Proyecto de GPM Global. Puedes descargarlo sin costo desde:

2018 Andean State Excellence Awards: MGO Consultant recipient of Award for Excellence in Geological Engineering – Argentina

It is a pleasure to share with my colleages and friends that Mgo Consultant has received the Award for Excellence in Geological Engineering – Argentina

This is the communication received last 19 February

Hi Monica

I would like to thank you for your participation within the 2018 Andean State Excellence Awardshosted by Latin America News!

I am delighted to confirm that your nomination has gone onto be successful with this year, and Mgo Consultant has been awarded: Award for Excellence in Geological Engineering – Argentina

This is a great achievement and I hope that you are pleased with the results.


I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards,

Proyecto destacado en Newsletter de PMI Nuevo Cuyo

Mi paper sobre el proyecto de gestión de contenedores químicos y desnutrición infantil fue publicado en la newsletter de PMI Nuevo Cuyo como proyecto destacado:


Featured in PM World Library Facebook Community

Thanks to the people of PM World Library for this recognition. I am so grateful! Mónica González in PM World Journal

Research Paper «Management of Chemical Containers for Social Good» in PM World Journal

I wish to share with you this paper that was published in the PM World Journal  – Volume III, Issue 7;  and in the PM World Library (

Green Project Management – A Case Study in Sustainability – Management of Chemical Containers for Social Good: Child Health and Nutrition By Monica Gonzalez (Argentina)